What We Love

We have amazing families who are anxiously waiting for a new baby to love.  We see them often and enjoy going on fun family vacations each year.  Last summer, we had a blast vacationing with Jeff’s family at Bear Lake, Utah and soaking up the sun at Virginia Beach with Kathryn’s family. Our baby will be so incredibly loved by not only us, but also by many grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!  Our Christian faith is very important to us and we are actively involved in our church – we currently teach the Sunday school class for 7-year-olds.  We’re surrounded by a strong community there and have developed wonderful friendships.  Best of all, many of our friends have small children or babies, so our child will have plenty of playmates. 

We love to explore the world and can’t wait to share adventures with our child.  We’ve grown closer together and learned to depend on each other as we’ve backpacked through China, tangoed in Argentina, witnessed beautiful sunsets in Uruguay, and biked through the monkey-filled jungle in Costa Rica.  The warm southern weather in Georgia allows us to stay healthy and active by hiking in the beautiful outdoors and trying to beat each other at tennis.  Although we can’t get enough of the concerts, plays, and sporting events that Atlanta has to offer, we sometimes prefer to just curl up with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie.  No matter what we’re doing, we have a great time together and are so thankful to have a loving relationship.

We love learning – both formal and otherwise – and want to instill that same desire in our child.  We were both fortunate enough to graduate from Brigham Young University, after which Jeff went on to earn a master’s degree from the University of Southern California.  Even though we’re not in school anymore, we still actively pursue learning through books, museums, and cultural events.  It’s equally important to us that our child learns to be a good person and make a difference in the world.  After meeting each other doing service in Guatemala, we’ve continued volunteer work in an inner-city after school program and with the youth in our church.  These experiences are highlights of our lives and we always feel that we gain more than we give.