Fun Facts

A book I highly recommend is:
To Kill a Mockingbird.
The Poisonwood Bible. I love to read, especially historical fiction.
My favorite flower is:
Whatever Jeff gives me! I really like tulips.
A game I like to play is:
One year for Christmas, Kathryn and I both bought each other scrabble. We realized it when there were two identical presents under the tree that sounded the same when we shook them.
Racquetball, although I have yet to beat Jeff.
My favorite band is:
Does Justin Bieber count as a band?
I like a good variety. (Don't worry, Jeff has no idea who Justin Bieber is.)
A movie I watch over and over is:
I like to watch movies I've never seen before but love watching Elf every year around Christmas.
I like Lord of the Rings (I know - nerd!!), and I recently saw Marley and Me for the 2nd time and it was so cute!
A T.V. show I watch regularly is:
I miss Lost.
Modern Family.
My favorite quote is:
 "My face hurts from smiling so much" - Kathryn at Disneyland last year
 "You just have to do your very best with all the capability that you have. And somehow, if you do that, God will open the way before you and the sun will shine and your lives will be fruitful and you will accomplish great good in the world in which you take a part" - Gordon B. Hinckley
My favorite thing to buy is:
Anything I don't have to go to the mall for.
 I love having new clothes, but I don't love to shop.
If I could afford anything at this moment I would buy:
A tropical island?
A vacation home on each continent.
If my house was burning down and I could only rescue three things, they would be:
My wife, photo albums, and computer.
My journals, a little box that Jeff gave me for our first Christmas, and...I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I'd save my yellow blanket that I've had since I was a baby.
A smell that makes me pause is:
 Freshly mowed grass.
Cool, crisp mountain air. And fresh cilantro.
My favorite sport to watch is:
College football.
Tennis! I'll also watch whatever Jeff is watching. I've learned a lot about sports since we've been married.
The city I would most like to visit is:
This is a hard one. There are too many places and I can't pick just I'll say Geneva, Switzerland; multiple cities in Vietnam; and La Paz, Bolivia because I'd love to visit the people and places where Jeff lived for two years.
My favorite restaurant is:
Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington DC. Amazing bacon-wrapped salmon!
Cafe Beaujolais. It's a little French restaurant in Eagle Rock, California (near Los Angeles) and they have the most amazing halibut.
A moment when I achieved absolute happiness was:
November 25, 2006. BYU's Jonny Harline caught a winning touchdown pass to beat Utah with no time on the clock.
I think I'm supposed to say when I married Jeff. And it was! Our wedding day was perfect.
My favorite meal is:
Can't resist a good burger.
CHOCOLATE. But I guess that's not really a meal so I'll say chicken enchiladas.
Someone or something that made me laugh this week was:
When Kathryn made peanut butter cookies but accidetally left out the peanut butter.
Jeff trying to learn how to not only move his arms when he dances, but also his legs. It was so funny to watch.
My earliest memory is:
Driving to my grandparents house with the fam for Sunday dinner.
Camping in Canyonlands in southern Utah with my family. We would go there around Easter every year and roll hard-boiled eggs off cliffs and watch them explode.
My first paying job was:
 Delivering early morning newspapers for the Salt Lake Tribune when I was 12. To this day I'm haunted by the sound of that 4:30 am alarm clock...
 Babysitting. I did a lot of it, and I even babysat someone that was only 6 months younger than me. It was awkward.
A smell that reminds me of my childhood is:
 The beach! My family lived in Hawaii for two years when I was in elementary school.
My favorite color to wear is:
 For some reason most of my clothes are blue. I guess that makes it my favorite.
 All of them (not at once!). I like variety. My least favorite is light pink.
My favorite dessert is:
Brownie and ice cream.
 Brownie and ice cream.
When I exercise, I like to:
 Play something with a ball.
 Run. I've run two half-marathons hope to run a full marathon soon.
My favorite thing to do on a date is:
 Eat somewhere we've never been and then maybe relax at home with a good movie.
 Have a night out in the city eating good food, going to some type of concert, or just walking around downtown.
The best vacation I ever had was:
 Last summer when Kathryn and I backpacked through China for 4 weeks.
 Costa Rica! Everything didn't go as smoothly as we planned, but that made it so much fun. It was also absolutely beautiful.
The best thing about being married is:
 Having someone around who thinks I'm funny most of the time but tells me when I'm not.
 Having my best friend to be with everyday through the ups and downs of life.